The GHEMAT-SP - Group of Research in History of Mathematics Education was founded in Brazil, in the city of São Paulo, in 2000. The Group, as registered in the CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development) Research Academic Administration, is headed by professors Neuza Bertoni Pinto (REAMEC) and Wagner Rodrigues Valente (UNIFESP - Campus of Guarulhos).

The GHEMAT-SP develops research projects which aim at producing history in mathematics education. The Group searches in History its theoretical references for object production, for operation promotion, keeping documentation to be turned into research source. Consequently, the Group submits its texts to the regulation procedures of the historians community, education historians and mathematics education historians.

GHEMAT-Brasil was founded in April 2018, a researchers associated group from different Brazilian states, whose interests lie in the development of collective projects of inquiry. This associate Group forms a true research network, and makes use of a virtual content repository in order to store originating documentation from varied parts of the country. Our aim is to subsidize researches in Brazilian Mathematics Education History.

The repository may be freely reached at:

Paulo Alves de Lima


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